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Jenny german feeling blue

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De Pablo describes the character as someone who is "completely different from anyone else on the show" because "she's been around men all her life; she's used to men in authority. DiNozzo steps in and wants to arrest Cade, and reveals that he was the agent selling top-secret information. Gibbs believes that Kort may be more dangerous behind a desk than when he is in the field.

He is only awake for a few moments, but he tells her to tell Gibbs some vital information relating to sisco regarding stolen cell-phones. Barrett's presence is a source of tension between Gibbs and Director Vance, as Gibbs initially believes Barrett was reassigned to Washington because of budget cuts. She makes her first full appearance in " Devil's Triangle " in 2011, but appears in a brief cameo (portrayed by an uncredited actress, Heather Scobie) in " Angel of Death " in 2007.

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